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Mashooka Lyrics In English Translation - MC Square

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 Mashooka Lyrics Meaning of Haryanvi song Sung By MC Square. The Song Is Written By MC Square And Music Composed By Hiten.

Mashooka Lyrics In English Translation - MC Square

Song Title: Mashooka
Sung By: MC Square
Written By: MC Square
Music By: Hiten
Music Label: MC Square
Release Date: 28th September 2023

Mashooka Lyrics In English Translation - MC Square

Kadka Dekhu Baat Hilave
(When I look at you, my heart flutters)

Hath Chubare Aadi
(My hands start to sweat and shiver)

Niche Aake Karle Ne Do
(Come closer and let's talk)

Baat Chubare Aadi
(Our hearts are racing, don't you remember?)

Tu Baithi Chubare Pe
(You sit there, brushing your hair with grace)

Ger Khaat Baal Sukhane
(While I stand, feeling out of place)

Main Khada Gaad Teri Ke
(I try to speak, but my words don't find their way)

Main Mere Paav Dukhake
(My feet hurt, but I stay)

Tu Kadi Takti Bhi Konya
(Sometimes, you look my way and call my name)

Tera Naam Pukare
(I stumble and fumble; it's always the same)

Issi Bijdi Si Padi
(My heart races like a thunderstorm)

Mera Kaadja Kaape
(In your presence, I feel so warm)

Kadi Thar Mere Tade Ek Seat Khali Laado
(One day, I'll gather the courage to speak)

Puche Baap Boldio Karu Geetkari Laado
(To tell your father the love I seek)

Main Nyu Ae Kona Pau Meri Fees Bhari Laado
(I'll work hard, earn a living with pride)

Mere Aage Pache Kade Suit 30 40 Laado
(For your sake, I'll take it all in stride)

Par Tere Karke Re Saare Kaam Chod Rakhe
(But because of you, I've left everything behind)

Dhara Lath Seat Tade Saare Beri God Rakhe
(I've left my seat, and I've left my grind)

Haryana Ke Chore Ne Record Todd Rakhe
(Haryana's son has set a new record, you see)

Bhola Bhagat Main Tere Saami Hath Jod Rakhe
(Bhola Bhagat, I'm at your feet, pleading earnestly)

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