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Lambo Flow Lyrics In English Translation – Parmish Verma

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 Lambo Flow Lyrics Meaning – Presenting Lambo Flow Lyrics Which Is Sung By Parmish Verma And Lambo Flow Lyrics Are Penned By Sarrb While Music Is Produced By Starboy X. Official Music Video Is Released On Official Channel “Parmish Verma“.

Lambo Flow Lyrics In English Translation – Parmish Verma

Song – Lambo Flow
Artist – Parmish Verma
Lyrics – Sarrb
Music – Starboy X
Label – Parmish Verma

Lambo Flow Lyrics In English Translation – Parmish Verma

"Han gabru di gall baat,"
The talk of the young man, yeah,

"Billo jiven lamborghini,"
Like a Lamborghini,

"Hathan ch glass,"
Glass in hand,

"Ghoda lgya ae dabb ch ni,"
No one can match him in style,

"Bande khaas khaas billo,"
These guys are special, yeah,

"Naal koi khach haini,"
There's no one like them around,

"Kutti da swaad,"
The taste of a dog,

"Naale taash puri rajj ke ni,"
And cards are played with full zeal,

"Baaz vali akh,"
Eyes like a hawk,

"Kehra langh ju koi bachke ni,"
No one can escape them,

"Shaunk poore kride aa,"
They pursue their passions,

"Baahle nahio chaske ni,"
They don't back down easily,

"Dickhead bandeyan nu,"
To those dickhead guys,

"Gaolde na mudd ton ni,"
No one turns their back,

"Thoki da aa,"
He's a thug,

"Jehra bas thok de aa das ke ni,"
Who just hits and doesn't say a word,

"Taur tappe aale kil rakhde aa gadd ke ni,"
Their style is killer,

"Ghumi da palazeyan ch aathne jahe jachke ni,"
They roam around confidently,

"Gaddi de silencer vi jande heat chadd de ni,"
Even the car's silencer heats up,

"Naaran nu vi lag jandi agg sanu takk ke ni,"
Women get heated when they see us,

"Ik naalon ik poore chobar aa vadh ke ni,"
One after another, they line up,

"Uth de aa mehfilan chon pattu poori dakk ke ni,"
They leave the party with a full crowd watching,

"Sara din baari vangu akh khuli rakhde aa,"
They keep their eyes wide open all day,

"Chah de naal reethe jinni tadke jahe shak ke ni,"
As confident as a lion, they never doubt their actions,

"Chak de ne feel jo jawak aah ajj de ni,"
They bring the feeling of today,

"Aonda sanu dekh hunde paase bhaj bhaj ke ni,"
And when they come, everyone gathers around,

"Karde aa daave saale jehre sanu dhaon de ni,"
They make claims that they fulfill,

"Vekhi kida goli wali beat utte nachde ni,"
They dance on beats with bullets,

"Bahuta unjh khulde naa naahi bahuta hasde,"
Many open up, but not many laugh,

"Bnake suspense billo chato pehar rakhde ni,"
They create suspense and keep it for hours,

"Jehre kade akh wali ghoor vi na jhalde ni,"
Those who stare never blink,

"Daban dabaon wali ethe koi gall haini,"
There's no one here who presses too hard,

"Gabru di gall baat billo jiven lamborghini,"
The talk of the young man, yeah, like a Lamborghini.

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