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Downers At Dusk Lyrics In English Translation - Talha Anjum

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 Downers At Dusk Lyrics In English Translation - Talha Anjum Downers At Dusk Lyrics In English Translation  : This Song Is Sung By Talha Anjum And Written By Talha Anjum  . Official Music Video Is Released On Official Channel "Talha Anjum" .

Downers At Dusk Lyrics In English Translation - Talha Anjum

Song – Downers At Dusk
Artist – Talha Anjum
Lyrics – Talha Anjum
Music – Umair
Label – Talha Anjum

Downers At Dusk Lyrics In English Translation - Talha Anjum

Ghum Be Hisab The, Alag He Waffa’ke Zabte,
The sorrows were measured, and the bonds of loyalty were different,

Alag He Hain Agar Manzilein To Kyu
If the destinations are different, then why keep the paths the same?

Naa Alag He Rakhein Hum Raste
Why not, from today, erase this fate with our own hands,

Kyu Naa Aj Se, Mita Dein Ye Kismat Hum Haath Se,
And let the mind be free from memories, so we can live and meet our end in peace.

Aur Zehen Azzad Ho Yad Se, Ham Mitt Jeen Ja Milein Khak Se
And let the mind be free, so we can live and meet our end in peace.

Tere Sheher Bhi Ee Par Safar Se Khatam Naa Huwe Ye Fasle
Even the distances in your city haven't ended after this journey,

Zakham Bharen Naa Bare Bereham Se Pesh Ee Hain Hadse
The wounds haven't healed, and they are mercilessly revealing accidents.

Bat Se Bat Nikalike Tere Dil Pe Lagg Jee Meri Bat Koyi
Word by word, my words strike your heart,

Tu Tootte Taro Pe Mange Mujh? Tujhe Mayasar Ho ?ssi Rat Koyi
You break like falling stars, asking for something on those broken paths.

I’ve Been Working Aa Lot
I've been working a lot,

Likhna Nahi Shorta LikhNa Hi Tod Hain
I don't need to write, it's already shattered.

Bikt? Hain Yeh Gan? Lakho Main
Is this noise worth millions of dollars?

Kya Yeh Sab Paise Ka Shor Hain
Is all this noise about money?

Kal Saath Naa Honge Par Yadd To
We won't be together tomorrow, but memories will still exist,

Hogi Aur Bolo Na Zindagi Kya Hain
And tell me, what is life?

YadoKi Mala Ha YadoKi Ilawa
Apart from the garland of memories,

Kabhi Kuch Baaki Raha Hain
Sometimes, something remains.

Kissi Ne Kya Khoob Kaha Ha Tere
Someone has said it beautifully about you,

Darmiyan Bas Tu He Khada Hain
Between us, only you remain standing.

Jhukao Zaruri Hain Usse
It's essential to bend before her,

Zahir Hota Haike Tu He Bada Hain
It's clear that you are the greatest.

Jisse Gaye Huwe Khudse Zammana
The world wandered away from itself,

Hua Wohh Tum Main Bhatakta Hain
The one that wandered is lost in you.

Mein Khud Nahi Hun Ye Koyi Aur
I am not myself; there is something in me that longs for you.

Hai Mujhme Jo Tumko Tarasta Hain
Our existence was a spectacle,

Wujood Ekk Tamasha Tha Hum Jo
We were the audience too.

Dekhte The Woh Bhi Ekk Tamasha Hain
My heart prays for you, don't leave me,

Hain Mere Dil Ki Guzarishke Mujhe
This is the demand of my life.

Mat Choro Ye Jan Ka Takaza Hain
We keep searching for life, and as we do, we keep sinking into death.

Ham Zindagi Dhoondte Dhoondte
But we remain artists,

Mautke Muhh Main He Jate Rahe
And we keep humming while searching.

Ao Naa, Ke Tum He To Ho Jeene Ki Wajah
Come, for you are the reason for living,

Ke Bethe Bethe Kar He Dee Subha
You've given mornings just by sitting.

Naa Tu Ayya Naa Hi Tera Hain Pata
Neither did you come, nor do I know where you are,

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