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Koode Thullu Lyrics In English Translation - FEJO (IND)

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Koode Thullu Lyrics In English Translation - FEJO (IND)

Koode Thullu Lyrics In English Translation - FEJO (IND)

Chintha dhamaniyil dhooli keri In the jewel box, the dust is hidden

Engane edukkum shwasam How will I find a breath?

Swarthatha purake lokam odi The world runs behind selfishness

4 dikkilum nasham Destruction in all four directions

Vakkukal theernnu thonda vatti The letters are complete in the envelope

Njan engane oppikkum prasam How do I find a way to learn?

Chuttu polli marubhoomi nagaram Outside, the city is like an anthill

Enikku aaru undu ivide paasam I have six here, friendships abound

Njan mattunnu I alone

Maruppacha poovidangal Among the fresh, green flowers

Athil varnathil In them, the colors

Nirayoththa dalapudangal Fill up like a painting

Ente rap'ilu theliyunnu I understand my notes

Saptha swarangal Seven musical notes

Ketta bhavathil viriyunnu In your bad words, they rise

Navarasangal As different flavors

Shringaram roudram Passion, anger

Veeram bhayanakam Valor, fear

Karunam bheebhatsam Compassion, disgust

Adbutham shantham hasyam Wonder, peace, laughter

Ekaki aanelum Even if I stand alone

Kadaksham munnile dasyam Submission in front

Thamassu ente manassilu Darkness in my mind

Thelicham en shirassilu Illumination in my head

Veekshana vilassalu Eyeballs play around

Drishtikal nabhassilu Looking at the sky

Aagraham kalashalu Desire forms pitchers

Shailiyil alassalu On the mountain's lap

Rektham ulle panjara A cage inside filled with blood

Minnalinte devan vijayakkodi naatukka The god of lightning, the flag of victory is on the field

Nakshathram arival kaiyyil pidi chuttika The star is in your hand, lighting the sky

Sangeetham lahari Music waves

Tharunnu netta pattika A young rhythm

Avide pani jalakam There's work there

Vaathil kettu kattila The door is locked, the window is closed

Haan Yes

Koode thullu Ah, koode thullu Ah, koode thullu Here we go Take your sorrows back aside Do you know the pleasure? I will guide you by It's now or never Machi, you decide Come, break a leg Yo, fly and ride

Intha ulakathil unne vellum veeran yaaru Who is the warrior who will return from this world?

Nee podu satham tharum vetri paaru You throw a dice and see the victory

Nejil dhill eathi nee vanzhth kaattu When the drum sounds, you break it

Thadai podum sattam athai maathi kaattu When the enemy attacks, you crush it

Adicha ragam With the beaten rhythm

Padichu thullam And the learned tune

Kedacha swargam With the found heaven

Arinju koodam Understood it's a game

Mathichidumbol When it's tossed

Uthirnna verppil Into the dancing fire

Kothichathellam All the burnt things

Vidhichu nedam Are joined together

Ithu aanallo thakida thalam This is not a finite rhythm

Ini allo thaka dhimi melam Now it's an endless beat

Kozhuppu koottan narthaki ethi Dance together, O world!

Varumbol thudangam olam When it begins, the world will follow

Koode thullu Ah, koode thullu Ah, koode thullu

Koode thullu Ah, koode thullu

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