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Winning Speech Lyrics In English Translation – Karan Aujla

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 Winning Speech Lyrics Meaning In English band new Punjabi song sung by Karan Aujla and music of this latest song is given by Mxrci. Winning Speech song lyrics are also penned down by Karan Aujla while music video has been directed by Qarn Mallhi.


Song: Winning Speech
Singer: Karan Aujla
Lyrics: Karan Aujla
Music: MXRCI
Label: Karan Aujla Music

Winning Speech Lyrics In English Translation – Karan Aujla

2 2 ghode magna ni 4 g wagon'a ni
Uthe nu mein 6 6 inch chakiyan
I have four G-Wagon cars, each outfitted with modified 6-inch tires that extend outward. Additionally, 
I own two Magna guns.

Time laggu mitne nu sanu thale sitne nu
21 vaari jor la le 36'an
Even if the 36 members of the brotherhood attempt to bring me down 21 times with all their might, it will still take them time to remove or topple me.

Fan iko naar da main 10 vari var da mein
Ohden utton 100 100 diyan gaddiya
Karan Aujla talks about his wife, but I am merely her fan. I would spend money only on her, as my heart beats for no one else.

Time laggu mitne nu sanu ,Time laggu mitne nu sanu thale sitne nu
21 vaari jor la le chhati
"Even if you try with full force to bring me down 21 times, you won't be able to bring me down.

Bal kad'da rakane hun tutte na creeze
Thoda rukhe aa subha de sanu aundi ni tameez
My nature is a bit rude and I don't know any manners.
My status has completely changed now and my perspective has also changed.

Aa le tenu diti saamb la ni bebe aali chunni
Baitha RR vich pake bapu di kameej
You keep the girl's scarf with you. I'm sitting in a Rolls-Royce wearing my father's shirt.

Bala door nu rakane hun ranjheya nu kheda
Bala nede nu na jawa bas jhaka e bada mera
My destination is not far away from me,
It's a big deal if I become visible to someone.

Bala ruka na rakane kite mara ek fera
Naddi 2 bal khagi ditta ek baari gehda
Whatever work I have, I only need to go there once, and the work gets done. I don't need to go again.

Kithe dabe aa rakane eh na dekh le daba ke
Kara shopping'an milan afgan aali kha ke
My opponents have tried very hard to suppress me, but they couldn't spoil anything for me.
"And whenever I go shopping in Milan (City in Italy), I consume Afghan opium.

Tera darji rakane change karde mohali
Jutti peraan vich paawa tere peris so mangake
Replace your local tailor from Mohali; I'll get you branded clothes. I'll arrange shoes for you from Paris.

3 mahine 3 change ne location'an rakane
Nit uae to uk nu rotation aa rakane
I change my location three times in three months,
I frequently travel between the UK and UAE.

Main ta ruk ja dimag sala rukda ni mera
Taan hi la lie samadi meditationa rakane
I may pause, but my mind never stops; it always keeps growing.
I am always traveling, yet I have made time for meditation.

Loki sade kolo sikh hun sanu den matta sanu
Kinaa kuch degiya ni mitti diya batta
People are learning from me and giving me advice too.
Our fields and soil have given us a lot.

Jitho langhe tera yaar mare camera flash
Hun khichde ne photo kade khichde si latta
Those who used to try to bring me down before are now the ones taking photos with me today.

Kehndi akh na lage ve jadd di mari tere utte
Sanu sidha ne banage ni halat sadde puthe
"Many girls tell me that they can't live without me.
Let me tell them, my circumstances have made me innocent.

Tu tan hune hi tang aagi biba nindra udaa ke
Sanu kai saal hoge nahio changi tarah sutte
We have been striving for many years. We haven't slept properly for many years, and you are already distressed after working hard for a few days.

Naara thaar ke te vairi rakha saad ke rakane
Pinde motor'an te chaha pattu kaad ke rakane
I keep my loved ones happy and my enemies sad.
I fill water with a motor in the fields and also keep drinking tea along with it.

Tere bulla de mare ne main vi 1 m laata
Hale navi aa ferarri jutti jhaad ke rakane
I bought an AKM rifle because of you.
I have bought a brand new Ferrari and I sit in it openly wearing shoes.

Dil tod te mein 6 6 saak mod te Katara vich 18 hor pakkiya
I have rejected many relationships that came my way, and currently, there are 18 girls waiting in line for me.

Dooron matha tek diya mud mud dekh diya
Assi nahiyo ek waari takiya
Girls come from afar to see me and gaze at me, but I don't pay them any attention.

10 Vari Varda Main Ohde Utton Sau-Sau Diyan Gathiyan
Time Laggu Mitne Nu Sanu Thalle Sittne Nu
21 Vari Jor La Laye Chhatiyan
Oh Kudi Jatt Di Fragrance Door To Pehchane
More than ten times, I shower her with wads of money notes over her head.
It’s challenging to undermine us.
Many individuals have tried unsuccessfully.
The girl can identify me from a distance due to my unique scent.

Asi Aashiqui Ch Nave Ni Shikari Aa Purane
Gal Sukda Kehndi Tu Jadon Sufne Ch Aave
Naddi Odon Di Sondi Aa Pani Rakh Ke Sarane
Main Keha Chalde Rakhane Sikke Mitra De Khote
I am experienced in love; I am a seasoned pursuer.
The girl nervously swallows when she confesses that she dreams about me.
Ever since then, she has been placing a glass of water next to her bed before going to sleep.
O girl, everything I do, I make it work.

Aake Beinde Aa Rakhane Cheene Mitra De Kothe
Tenu Soniye Rakane Kara Hatha Nal Chhawan
Jivein Karde Ne Chawa Sade Pinda De Barote
Tera 100 To Par Para Hogi Thili Kuch Khake
My rooftop is home to even the rarest of pigeons.
I love you wholeheartedly, girl.
Like it’s a community custom.
Girl, you ate something bad, which caused you to have a temperature above 100 degrees.

Teri Tar Da Nazar Gun Powder Chhuake
Eh Ton Dar Na Rakane Dekh Akhan Vich Pake
Jadon Chaldi Bareta Dindi Surma Banake
Kafi Kar Li Kamayi Kafi Mitran Ne Uda Layi
I would have you use your touch gu_powder to ward off an evil spirit.
Do not be scared, girl; look me in the eyes.
It is horrible when I shoot fire.
I have acquired and used more than sufficient.

Thode Humble Aa Rakane Lembo Nivi Karwa Layi
Nave Shora To Rakane Gaddi Chaldi Ni Sidhi
La Da Meech Ke Ankhan Nu Back Ganne Di Trali
Lage Gabru Di Tod Kudi Tuti Payi Nu Aave
I am a very modest individual and own a discreetly styled Lamborghini.
The new drivers are unable to drive competently.
I can even reverse park with my eyes closed.
The girl longs for me.

Age Nar Di Fasal Jivein Futti Payi Nu Aave
Meri Yad Di Mari Nu Tenu Hichki Rakane
Sachi Waris De Gane Wangu Sutti Payi Nu Aave
She is at the peak of her youth.
Girl, you get hiccups when you miss me, just like in the song by Manmohan Waris.

Bechain Hogi Ek Kudi Fan Hogi
Aujle De Kanna Vich Nattiyan
Karidi Ni Care Kude Golde Ni Sher Kude,
Bhedaan Hon 12 Vari Kathiyan
The girl became desperate and became my admirer after seeing my earrings.
No matter how many times my enemies join forces, I don’t worry much.

2-2 Ghode Magna Ni 4 G-Wagon-an Ni
Utte Nu Main 6-6 Inch Chakiyan
Time Laggu Mitne Nu Sanu Thalle Sittne Nu
21 Vari Jor La Laye Chhatiyan
Fan Ikko Nar Da Main

I own two magnificent horses and four G wagons
and I keep them elevated at a height of 6 inches.
It’s difficult to bring us down.
Numerous attempts have been made by many people, but to no avail.
I am a dedicated admirer of just one woman.

10 Vari Varda Main Ohde Utton Sau-Sau Diyan Gathiyan
Time Laggu Mitne Nu Sanu Thalle Sittne Nu
21 Vari Jor La Laye Chhatiyan

More than ten times, I shower her with wads of money notes over her head.
It’s challenging to undermine us.
Many individuals have tried unsuccessfully.

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