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Ayee Lyrics In English Translation - Harnoor x Jassa Dhillon

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 Ayee Lyrics Translation of Punjabi Song, Sung By Harnoor & Jassa Dhillon. The Song Is Written By iLam & Jassa Dhillon and music was composed by Big Kay SMG.

Ayee Lyrics In English Translation - Harnoor x Jassa Dhillon

Song Title: Ayee
Sung By: Harnoor x Jassa Dhillon
Written By: iLam & Jassa Dhillon
Music By: Big Kay SMG
Music Label: Harnoor
Release Date: 21st September 2023

Ayee Lyrics In English Translation - Harnoor x Jassa Dhillon

Ni Dil Ch Vsa Lya Ae
You've taken residence in my heart

Surma Bnaya Tenu Sohniye
I've made you my kohl, my beautiful one

Te Akhiyan Ch Paa Lya Ae
And I've placed you in my eyes

Ni Ghaata Koi Kra Lya Ae
No one else could do it

Sanu Kithe Zor Kise Laya
Where did someone find the strength

Asi Aape Gal Paa Lya Ae
We've sealed our own fate

Ni Hoye Aa Tabah Sohniye
Oh, my beautiful one, we've become ruined

Chayi Chayi Hoke Aap Muhre
Staring at each other relentlessly

Te Kareya Gunah Sohniye
And committing sins, my beautiful one

Ni Chayi Chayi Kreya Gunah
We keep committing sins

Hoye Aa Tabah
We've become ruined

Lagga Bullan Nu Swaad Sohniye
It felt like a sweet poison, my beautiful one

Sau Jeha Hunda Si Subaah
It used to be like a dream every morning

Badleya Raah
But the path has changed

Jatt Vigre Kharaab Sohniye
The Jatt has turned bad, my beautiful one

Ni Sada Etbaar Nahi
We have no trust left

Asi Dubbe Hoye Aa Nashe Vich Kude
We're drowning in intoxication

Kade Aona Bahar Nahi
Never coming out

Sade Utte Barhe Lagne Aa Daag
We've acquired stains

Te Uthne Swaal
And there are questions to answer

Han Ni Kihnu Das Kran Itlaah
No, we won't complain to anyone

Sare Hoye Firde Khilaaf
Everyone is against us

Te Kinne Sada Bann’na Gwah
And how many accusations we face

Ni Kaara Ee Kra Lya Ae
We've done this to ourselves

Ho Tere Bullan Na Khara Kuj Ho Gya Ni
Your words no longer have any effect

Ho Gallan Dil Vich Ki Ne Kuj Ho Gya Ni
What's happened to my heart, nothing's left

Aah Lafz Hi Mukke Pye Ne
These words hurt me

Teri Na Tareef Mukke
Your praise hurts

Mukde Hi Jayie Asi Ro Gye Ni
As soon as they leave my mouth, I cry

Chadke Shareefi Asi Velly Bann Jana
Leaving behind respect, we've become rivals

Fer Saathon Pair Pichaan Pateya Ni Jana
Then, we chase after each other

Dubb’de Hi Jayie Tere Pyar Ch
We drown in your love

Ni Tu Hi Tan Bacha Lya Ae
You've saved yourself

Suneya Main Sade Baare Sunnke
I heard about us

Tere Vi Tan Saah Rukde
Even your breath stops

Han Kare Je Kabool Sanu Haskke
If you accept us with a smile

Te Russan Di Gall Mukk Je
Then let go of the anger

Haan Shareaam Hoye Pye Aa Sohniye
Yes, we are ashamed, my beautiful one

Ni Das Kiven Gall Lukk Je
Tell me, how do we bury these things?

Ni Tenu Geetan Vich Likhdi Nu Sohniye
I write you in my songs, my beautiful one

Ni Gabru Di Raat Mukje
My night writes you

Hoyi Eh Tabiyat Nasaaz
This condition is unpredictable

Te Changge Sade Haal Nahi
And our situation isn't good

Tenu Ilam Saraonda Rahu Sohniye
I'll keep teaching you, my beautiful one

Tu Baithi Sade Naal Rahi
You'll stay with me

Kra Lya Ae Tereyan Hathan Ton
From your hands, I've learned

Asi Ishq Da Katal Kra Lya Ae
I've committed the murder of love

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