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Gajanana Lyrics In English Translation - Bajirao Mastani

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 Gajanana Lyrics Translation  from Bajirao Mastani: A hymn of Lord Ganesha released on occassion of Ganesha Chaturthi, the song has music by Shreyas Puranik.

Gajanana Lyrics In English Translation - Bajirao Mastani

Singer: Sukhwinder Singh 
Album: Bajirao Mastani 
Lyricist: Prashant Ingole 
Music: Shreyas Puranik 
Cast: Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka 
Music Label: EROS

Gajanana Lyrics In English Translation - Bajirao Mastani

Sukhkarta dukhharta varta vighnachi:
The bestower of happiness, the remover of sorrow, and the one who eliminates obstacles.

Nurvi purvi prem krupa jayachi:
The one who is full of compassion and grace.

Sarvangi sundar uti shendurachi:
You have a beautiful and resplendent form, and your body is adorned with sindoor (vermilion).

Kanthi jhalke maar mukataphalaanchi:
Your radiance shines like a sparkling gem.

Jai dev jai dev:
Hail Lord, Hail Lord.

Jai mangal murti:
Hail to the auspicious form.

Ho shri mangal murti:
Oh, auspicious one.

Darshan matre maan kamna purti:
Just by seeing you, all desires are fulfilled.

Lambodar tu, Vinayaka tu:
You are Lambodar (the one with a big belly), you are Vinayaka (Lord of obstacles).

Ballaleshwar moreya:
O Ballaleshwar, we salute you.

Vigneshwar tu, ekdant tu:
You are Vigneshwar (Lord of obstacles), you are Ekdant (the one with a single tusk).

Mayureshwara moreya (x2):
O Mayureshwara, we salute you.

Wakratund tu, Gajamukha tu, Sidhvinayka:
You are Wakratund, Gajamukha, and Sidhvinayka.

Gajanana, gajanana, gajanana, ganraya (x4):
Hail Lord Ganesha, the elephant-faced Lord.

Ratnakhachit phara tujh gaurikumra:
You wear a crown studded with jewels, O son of Goddess Gauri (Parvati).

Chandanaachi uti kumkum ke shara:
You are adorned with sandalwood paste and vermilion.

Heere jadit mukut shobhato bara:
Your crown shines with studded diamonds.

Runjhunati nupure charani ghagariya:
The sound of ankle bells and the tinkling of your anklets resonate.

Lambodar pitaambar phanivar vandana:
You wear a yellow cloth, O Lambodar (big-bellied Lord), we worship you.

Saral sond vakratunda trinayana:
You are simple, with a curved trunk and three eyes.

Das ramacha vat pahe sadna:
We always seek refuge in you, the servant of Lord Rama.

Sankati pavave nirvani rakshave survar vandana:
You remove difficulties, protect the destitute, and are saluted by the Devas.

Vignraj tu, mahataj tu, maheshaya tu moreya:
You are Vignraj, Mahataj, and Maheshaya, we salute you.

Chintamani tu, sidhnayaka ganadhishaye morya:
You are Chintamani, Siddhnayaka, and the Lord of Ganas, we salute you.

Gajaanana, gajanana, gajanana, ganaraya (x4):
Hail Gajaanana, the Lord of the Ganas.

Hare Ram Hare Ram:
Hail Lord Rama, Hail Lord Rama,

Ram Ram Hare Hare:
Hail Lord Rama, Hail Lord Rama,

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna:
Hail Lord Krishna, Hail Lord Krishna,

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare (x3):
Hail Lord Krishna, Hail Lord Krishna.

These lyrics are a devotional prayer to Lord Ganesha, praising His various forms and attributes.

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