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Faasle Lyrics In English Translation – Aditya Rikhari

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Faasle Lyrics In English Translation – Aditya Rikhari


Song : Faasle

Artist : Aditya Rikhari

Music Label : Aditya Rikhari

Language : Hindi

Released Date : 32 July, 2021

Faasle Lyrics In English Translation – Aditya Rikhari

Bekaraar si thi raatein
Restless were the nights

Beshumaar teri yaadein
Countless were your memories

Behisaab gham ye tha mera
Limitless was my sorrow

Beasar rahi sharabein
Useless were the drinks

Besabar ye dil jo mera
My heart was impatient

Bewakoof tha tere bina
I was foolish without you

Tere bin raat din
Day and night without you

Bheegta tha main
I used to get wet (with tears)

Ashkyon ki baarish mein
In the rain of tears

Aaj tu hai saamne
Today you are in front of me

Jo kum hue hain saare
All the distances that had reduced


Aaj tod de
Break them today

Chaahe phir mujhe
Even if it breaks me again

Tujhse tootne mein bhi ek maza hai
There's a pleasure in breaking from you

Hum agar nahi baahon mein teri
If I'm not in your arms

Kiski phir bhala
Whose will I be then?

Yeh Haseen Jaga hai
This is a beautiful place

Bezubaan si thi raatein
The nights were speechless

Barsi phir jo teri yaadein
Your memories rained again

Bikhra jinmein gham ye tha mera
Where my sorrow was scattered

Betuki lagi sharabein
Useless drinks tasted bitter

Bheega jinmein dil ye mera
Where my heart got wet

Bewajah tha sab tere bina
Everything was pointless without you

Aagayi ye shaam jo
This evening has come

To kal suba ka
For tomorrow's morning

Koi intezaar kyun kare
Why should we wait?

Dooriyan khatam hui
Distances have ended

Khatam hue hain saare
Everything has ended

Faasle faasle faasle…
Distances, distances, distances...

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