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Waareya Lyrics | Translation | in English – Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari

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 Waareya Lyrics Translation in english  from Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari is Latest Hindi song sung by Vibhor Parashar, Javed-Mohsin and this brand new song is featuring Diljit Dosanjh, Fatima Sana Shaikh. The music of this song is given by Javed-Mohsin while Waareya song lyrics are written by Kunaal Vermaa and video is directed by Abhishek Sharma.

Waareya Lyrics | Translation | in English – Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari


Song: Waareya
Singer: Vibhor Parashar
Lyrics: Kunaal Vermaa
Music: Javed Mohsin
Starring: Diljit Dosanjh, Fatima Sana Shaikh
Label: Zee Music Company

Waareya Lyrics | Translation | in English – Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari

Din Rat Akhiyan Nu, Bas Tu Hi Dissda Ae,
Tu Na Dikhe To Jee Ni Lagda Mera,
Dil Di Jagah Tu Hi, Pal Pal Dhadakta Hai,
Bhulke Vi Yara Tu Ni Hona Juda,

All my eyes see is you, all day and night.
And if I can’t see you, my heart will feel uneasy.
You’re the one who beats in my chest instead of my heart.
Please don’t ever distance yourself from me.

Hakdar Tera Hoon, Har Bar Tera Hoon,
Ab Loon Janam, Chahe Main Sau Dafa,

I am the only one who is worthy of you. I’m always yours,
no matter if I’m born a hundred times.

Duniya Sari Chad Ke Chal Raha, Teriyan Rahwan Teri Galiyan,
Tere Sadke Sab Main Wareya,

Forsaking the whole world, I’m coming to your way and your streets.
I have abandoned everything else as an offering to you.

Jis Din Se Tu Sanu Mileya, Main Tere Piche Piche Turreya,
Tere Sadke Sab Main Wareya,

Since the day I met you, I’ve been following in your footsteps.
Ss an offering to you, I have given up everything else.

Mujh Se Hazaron Hain, Tujh Sa Nahi Koyi,
Main Hoon Sitara, Tu Chann Ae Mera,
Mainu Khuda Teri Akhan Ch Disda Ae,
Kive Karan Tera Main Shukriya,

There are thousands like you, but there is no one like you.
I am your star while you are my moon.
In your eyes, I see God. How can I thank you enough for that?

Jis Di Nahi Ratan Hai Woh Savera Tu,
Badle Kade Vi Na Mausam Tera,

You are the morning that stays forever.
Neither does your temper change.

Khushiyan Teri Main Gam Rakheya,
Mar Jana Main Je Tu Ruseya,
Tere Sadke Sab Main Wareya,

Happiness is all yours; I’d keep the sadness and the grievances of your share.
I’d die right away if you’d get upset with me.
I have forsaken everything else as an offering to you.

Rishte Sare Nate Chhadeya, Sab Ne Lare Tu Hi Sacheya,
Tere Sadke Sab Main Vareya,

I have abandoned all other relationships and connections. All the others are dishonest, while you are the only one who is true.
As a compliment to you, I have forgotten almost everything.

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