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Anbe Peranbe Lyrics in English | With Translation | – NGK

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 Anbe Peranbe Lyrics in english with translation : Anbe Peranbe Song from NGK is sung by Sid Sriram, Shreya Ghoshal and composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, featuring Suriya, Rakul Preet Singh.

Anbe Peranbe Lyrics in English | With Translation | – NGK


Song: Anbae Peranbae
Movie: NGK (2019)
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyricist(s): Uma Devi
Starring: Suriya, Sai Pallavi, Rakul Preet Singh
Musc Label : Sony Music

Anbe Peranbe Lyrics in English | With Translation | – NGK

Anbae Anbae Anbae Anbae,
Anbae Anbae Anbae Anbae,

My love. My love.

Peranbae Peranbae Peranbae,
Peranbae Peranbae Peranbae,

My dearest love. My dearest love.

Yeno Iravodu Oliyaai Koodum, Uravondru Ketkkiren,

I’ve been longing for a relationship, which shines in darkness;

Varaimeerum Ivalin Aasai, Niraivera Paarkkiren,

been struggling to fulfill this poor girl’s extended desire;

Nadhi Serum Kadalin Meedhu, Mazhai Neraai Seruven,

as a rain drop will submerge into the sea.

Amuthae Peramuthae

Sweetheart ‘O’ Sweetheart,

Penn Manadhin Kanavin, Yekkam Theerkkumaa Eerkkumaa,

would you be able fulfill this anxious girl’s desire? Would you accept me?

Madhiyai Than Madhiyai,

revere, will it revere;

Ivan Azhagin Bimbam, Kangal Paarkkuma Thorkkuma,

Will I be able to witness this beauty? Will I get defeated?

Mazhaivaanam Thoorum Pothu, Manal Enna Koosumo,

Does the soil shy-away at the grace of raindrops.

Malarodu Malargal Kooda Oor Enna Thootrumo

what would they say, if we get together.

Thiraiyae Thirai Kadalae,

Vision ‘O’ beautiful vision,

Un Athirum Anbu,
Mathilai Thaanduthae Thoonduthae,

Your love has blown me away. It inspires me.

Nenjoram Thoongum Mogam, Kannoram Doobam Poda,

Hope I’m able to get over the desire of sleeping on your shoulders.

Sollaatha Ragasiyam Nee Thaanae, Ooor Ketka Yenguthae,

You’re the untold secret which the world is eager to know.

Thanimaiyil Thunai Varum Yosanai,

Thought of you when I’m lonely;

Ninaivilum Manakkuthu Un Vaasanai,

Re-doles with the scent of you.

Ellaamae Ondraaga Maaruthae,

Everything seems to fall in place.

Mananthida Seval Koovuthae,

Like the rooster which doesn’t fail to doodle.

Oh Kodai Kaalaththin Megangal, Kaarkaalam Thoorum,

‘O’ the skies of summer, seems like its spring,

Aal Illaatha Kaatilum, Boobaalam Ketkkum,

Even the isolated forests clatter with noise.

Anbae Peranbae,

My love, dearest love,

Neduvazhvin Nizhalgal, Vannam Aaguthae Aaguthae,

Our lives are taking a new shade. It’s changing.

Uravae Namm Uravae,

Our relationship,

Oru Anuvin Pirivil, Andril Aaguthae Aaguthae,

Is getting jeopardized like the split of an atom. It’s happening.

Uraiyaadha Sollin Porulai, Mozhi Ingu Thaangumo,

Will this heart bear the meaning of a heartless language.

Uravaaga Anbil Vaazha, Oru Aayul Pothumo,

Is one life enough to live with your forever.

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