Chamkeele Chooje Lyrics | Translation | in english by - Dino James 

Chamkeele Chooje Lyrics Translation in English by Dino James is Latest Hindi song sung and written by Dino James ft. Girish Nakod. The music of this new song is given by Bluish Music (Nilesh Patel) while video is directed by Himanshu Tyagi.

Chamkeele Chooje Lyrics | meaning | in english- by Dino James 


Song – Chamkeele Chooje
Singer – Dino James
Lyrics – Dino James
Music – Bluish Music
Featuring – Girish Nakod
Director – Himanshu Tyagi
Music Label – Dino James
Genre – Hindi Song
Released – 2020


Sab khade ho jao aa rahe hain shaahi log
Jaahilo tum talent ko toh thoda side do

Everyone stand up, royal people are coming, give talent a little side

Chanda mama se bhi dikhte famous bhai log
By God, hain desh ko kafi inse high hopes

Famous brothers also appear from the moon, there are many high hopes for the country

Tum Dheeme Seedhi Chadho
Aur Yeh Seedha By Road

You climb slow straight
 And this straight by road

Why Bro Hunar Pe Itni Mehnat Kai Ko
250 Ka Tripod Aur Nalla iPhone
Leke Psycho Panti Karo Aur Ban Jao Icon

Why work so hard on talent, Tripod 250, and iPhone Take and doing Psycho and become Icon

Yahan Khoob Namune Beta Bhare Pade Zoo Mein
Sabhi Dhoom Macha Rahe Yahan Hare Bhare Chooje

Here a lot of sample sons are filled in Zoo, all the chickens are making a big noise here

Jaise Vi Room Bhag Rahe Yeh Toh Aadi Tedi Bullet
Inke Jhund Ko Dekhke Chote Bani Meri Dhoon Hai

This is like running room tedi bullets, looking at their flock is small, my tune

Socho Umar Se Badi Badi Baatein Kahe Muh Se
Cartoon Ke Jaise Funny Saare Yeh Namune

Think they talk big things from age,
 All this sample like a cartoon

Monsoon Mein Jaise Mushroom Yahan
Bas Ghoom Rahe Hai Jo Jungle Paudhe Uge

Like mushroom here in monsoon
 Jungle plants that are just roaming

Kisi Ko Bhi Padhna Nai He
Bacho Ko Janta Chahiye
Mom Bole Dhanda Sahi Hai
Bachpan Jaye Vanda Nahi Hai

Nobody wants to study
 Children need public
 Mother says business is right
 Childhood is not good

Hai 14 Saal Aur 9 Din
Umar Khane Ki Popins
Par Choti Kar Rahi Twerking
Maze Uda Rahi Audience

Is 14 years and 9 days
 Age food popins
But boys doing Twerking
 Enjoying Audiences

Thoda Side Hoo Jao Sare Celeb Hai Yeh Sir
Bhaiya Chup Toh Sahi Hai Muh Khola Toh Gutar

Get a little side, this is a celeb
 Brother is silent, if the mouth is opened then the gutter

Par Karte Hai Kya Sab Kar Rahe Hai Search
Tough Hain Kehna Yeh Nari Hai Ya Nar
Sher Bane Ghoome Chal Bhaag Be Geedad

But let's do what everyone is doing
  It is difficult to say whether it is male or female,
  The lion turned around and ran the jackal

Dher Hein Gharo Mein Mere Lakht-E-Jijar
Din Din Syringe Se Bharte Cringe
Star Hai Khudi Mein Par He Saste Bieber

There are many in my house,
  Cringes filled with syringes day by day
  He is a star himself but cheap bieber

Upar Se Chamke Kala Se Hai Yeh Door
Karte Kuch Nahi Bas Fokat Mein Mashoor
Bache Saare Hai Yeh Kaafi Jaldi Mein
Bade Pyare He Yeh Chooje Chamkeele

Shine from above, but it is black from inside, it does not remove anything but is famous for free, children are all in a hurry,These chick are very cute

Chooje Chamkeele Chooje Chamkeele
Chooje Chamkeele Chooje Chamkeele
Chooje Chamkeele Chooje Chamkeele
Chooje Chamkeele Chooje Chamkeele

The chick is shiny, The chick is shiny(4)

YouTubers Ke Videos Mast Hai Sir
Tabhi Khoob Bade Hai Dekho Subscriber
Par Stage Par Hi Aate Hi Pakta Hai Sir
Tabhi Sab Rapper Tabhi Sab Hyper

The videos of YouTuberus are cool, Sir Then there are more subscribers , but he is afraid as soon as he comes on stage, all the rappers then all the hyper

Tabhi Review Wale Rappers Hai
Vloger Bhi Rapper Hai
Sab Sab Sub Sab Rapper Hai
Main Kuch Aur Kar Lu Behtar Hai

Then there reviewers are rapper
 Vlogger is also a rapper
 All are sub rapper
 I can do something better

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