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Moongil Kaadugale Lyrics In English Translation - Samurai

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 Moongil Kaadugale In English Translation is available below. The song appears in Tamil movie Samurai. The movie was released in 2002 and the singer of this song was Hariharan, Tippu. The music was directed by Harris Jayaraj and it was written by Vairamuthu.

Moongil Kaadugale Lyrics In English Translation - Samurai


Song: Moongil Kaadugale
Movie: Samurai
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Singers: Hariharan, Tippu

Moongil Kaadugale Lyrics In English Translation - Samurai

moonggil kaadugaLae
vaNdu munagum paadalgaLae
thoora sigarangaLil
thaNNeer thuvaikgum aruvigaLae

Oh bamboo forests!
Oh those songs droned by the beetles!
In those distant peaks,
Oh water rinsing waterfalls!

iyaRkai thaayin madiyai pirindhdhu
eppadi vaazha idhayam tholaindhdhu
salithu poanaen manidhanaay irundhdhu
paRakga vaeNdum paRavaiyaay thirindhdhu thirindhdhu
paRandhdhu paRandhdhu

being separated from mother nature’s lap,
how do I live loosing my heart?
I have become tired of being a human
I wish to fly like a bird; wandering, wandering;
flying, flying

saetRu thaNNeeril malarum sivappu thaamaraiyil
saeRum maNappadhillai poovin Jeevan maNakgiRadhu
vaerai aRuthaalum marangaL veRuppai umizhvadhillai
aRutha nadhiyin mael marangaL aanandhdha poosoriyum
thaamarai poovaay maaRaenoa Jenma saabaleeyangaL kaaNaenoa
maramaay naanum maaRaenoa en manidha piRaviyil uyyaenoa
veyiloa muyaloa parugum vannam veLLai pani thuLi aagaenoa

the red lotus that blooms in the muddy waters
does not have a trace of the sludge, only the fragrance of the flower’s soul,
even when uprooted, the trees do not spew hatred,
instead they scatter their joyous flowers on the river that uprooted them,
won’t I change into the lotus, won’t I see my life’s purpose then?
won’t I change into the tree, why is all this suffering in my human birth,
For the sun or the rabbit to drink (to quench their thirst), won’t I become the white dew drop?

uppu kadaloadu maegam uRpathi aanaalum
uppu thaNNeerai maegam oru poadhum sindhdhaadhu
malaiyil vizhundhdhaalum sooriyan maRithu poavadhillai
nilavukgu oLiyootdi thannai neetdithu koLgiRadhae
maegamaay naanum maaRaenoa
adhan maenmai kuNangaL kaaNbaenoa
sooriyan poalavae maaRaenoa en Joadhiyil ulagai aaLaenoa
Jananam maraNam ariyaa vaNNam naanum mazhai thuLi aavaenoa

the clouds form with salt water (evaporation from seas),
however, they would never shower salt water (the rain is always pure),
even if the sun goes behind the mountains (sets), it does not die,
it powers up the moon with its light and continues to live on,
won’t I change into the clouds?
then, would I also have its great qualities?
won’t I transform into the sun, won’t I rule this world with my light,
won’t I become like a rain drop that does not have a beginning(birth) nor an end(death)

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