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Baarishein Lyrics Meaning In English – Anuv Jain

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 Baarishein Lyrics Meaning In English is a new Hindi song, sung and it’s composed by Anuv Jain. Baarishein Song Lyrics is written by Anuv Jain. This song is officially published by Anuv Jain on their YouTube channel and various music streaming platform.

Baarishein Lyrics Meaning In English – Anuv Jain


Song: Baarishein
Singer: Anuv Jain
Music: Anuv Jain
Lyrics: Anuv Jain
Label: Anuv Jain

Baarishein Lyrics Meaning In English – Anuv Jain

Haule Se Dheeme Se, Mujhko Bahon Main Bhar Lo Na Tum

Fill me softly and carefully into your embrace.

Naram Si Sanson Main, Mujhko Aahon Main Bhar Lo Na Tum

Your breath is soft, fill me with your sighs of contentment.

Sun Zara Mere Pas Aa,

Come closer and pay attention to what I’m saying.

Ab Baithe Hain Hum Bhi Yahan Dil Ke Darmiyan

I, too, am seated here, between our hearts.

Barishein Hain Barishein Hain

There is nothing except rain.

Teri Hi Baton Pe Main Ne Saja Li Hai Duniya Yahan

I have created my own universe, in your words.

Dil Ke Darmiyan, Barishein Hain Barishein

There is nothing but rain between our hearts.

Ab Tu Aati Hai Bulati Hai, Bistar Se Youn Girati Hai

You have called me. Then you yank me out of bed.

Ke So’un Main Bahon Main Bus Teri

As a result, I can only sleep in your arms.

Jab Barishein Barasti Hain Pagal Jaise Thirakti Hain

When it rains, droplets dance like mad in love.

Tum Jaisi Ho Bus Wesi Hi Raho

Simply remain who you are.

Ab Tere Bina Yahan Meri Sansein

My breaths are…

Jaise Bina Nindiya Ki Ratain Hain Toh

…like restless nights without you here.

Aur Tu Hi Mere Dil Ki Raza Hai

And only you can make my heart happy.

Tere Bina Dil Bhi Khafa Hai Toh

Without you, my heart becomes insane.

Teri Aankhon Ka Kajal, Na Faile Ab Kabhi Bhi

Your eyebrow liner It will never be runny.

Tujhe Itna Pyar Doon

Because I shall adore you.

Teri Khushion Ki Khatir Ye Duniya Main Meri

This world of mine would be willing to make…

Ikk Pal Main War Dun Main

a sacrifice for your happiness in an instant.

Ab Bikhri Teri Ye Zulfon Se

All messed up in your hair,

Ankhein Teri Jab Dikhti Hain

when I look into your eyes,

Dikhta Hai Mujhe Wo Aasman

I see the sky.

Ke Kholon Pankh Main Mere Urr Jaoun Main Kho Jaoon Main

That inspires me to stretch my wings and soar,

Is Aasman Main Patangon Ki Tarhan

only to go lost in the sky like a lost kite.

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