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Uyire Song Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Sid Sriram

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 Uyire Song Lyrics in english with translation from the movie Gauthamante Radham : The song is sung by Sid Sriram, Lyrics are Written by Vinayak Sasikumar and the Music was composed by Ankit Menon. Starring Neeraj Madhav.

Uyire Song Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Sid Sriram


Track Name : Uyire Song
Album : Gauthamante Radham
Vocals : Sid Sriram
Songwriter : Vinayak Sasikumar
Music : Ankit Menon
Cast : Neeraj Madhav
Music-Label : Muzik24x7

Uyire Song Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Sid Sriram

Uyire Kavarum Uyire Pole Enthanu Nee Enthanu,

You are like the heart, that robs another heart,
What are you? My dear, what are you?

Kadhal Mazhayay Thanuvil Cherum Aranu Nee Aranu

Like the raindrops of love, that falls on me.
Who are you? My dear, who are you?

Uyare Chirapol Pravin Nilavo

Are you my wings to take me high? Or my moon, to light up my nights?

Tharil Madhuvo Kanan Kanavo

Are you the honey in my flower, or the dream, that I haven’t dreamt yet.

Nee Kannod Kannod Kannoramay

Your smile is always right in front of my eyes,

Kathod Kathod Kathoramay

Your voice always echoes in my ears,

Nenjod Nenjod Nenjoramay Niray

I can feel your heartbeat in mine.

Nee Thorathe Thorathe Theeratheyaye

You are like that rain, that never stops drizzling;

Mayathe Mayathe Mayatheyaye

and the rainbow that never fades away,

Ennolum Ninnolum Ennolamay Padaru

You spread in me like a fire.

Uyire Uyirin Uyare Moodum Theeyanu Nee Theeyanum

You are the fire, that consumes my life.

Kadhal Kanalaye Akame Neerum Novanu Nee Novannu

You are those flashes of pain, that’s slowly burning within me.

Iny En Nizhalay Vazhvin Nadhiyay

Now come as my shadow, and be my river of life.

Njanen Arike Ninne Thiray

I search for you, even when I am next to you.

Nee Kannod Kannod Kannoramay

Your smile remains right before my eyes.

Kathod Kathod Kathoramay

Your voice tends to echo through my ears.

Nenjod Nenjod Nenjoramay Niray

Inside me, I can feel your heartbeat.

Nee Thorathe Thorathe Theeratheyay
Mayathe Mayathe Mayatheyay

You’re like the rain that never stops drizzling; and the rainbow is never lost.

Ennolum Ninnolum Ennolamay Padaru.

You grow like a fire inside of me.

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