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Mangalyam Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Eeswaran Movie

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 Mangalyam Lyrics in english with translation from Eeswaran is latest Tamil song sung by Silambarasan TR, Roshini JKV and Thaman S with music also given by Thaman S. Mangalyam song lyrics are written by Yugabharathi.

Mangalyam Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Eeswaran Movie


Film/Album: Eeswaran
Singer: Silambarasan TR, Roshini JKV, Thaman S
Composer: Thaman S
Lyrics by: Yugabharathi

Mangalyam Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Eeswaran Movie

Chellakutty Rasathi Poradhenna Soodethi
Kanne Un Kadhal Kadhava Vaikkadha Sathi
Vellaikatti Nee Athi Vekkamennu Yemathi
Etti Etti Pogathadi Ennai Mallathi
Unnai Nan Nenjukulla Thottil Katti Vechen Kapathi

My dearest princess, don’t leave me high and dry.
Darling, don’t stop me from loving you.
Oh, my sweet candy, don’t pretend that you are shy,
And move away, pushing me down.
I have safeguarded you in the cradle of my heart.

Adi Kotti Kedakkuthu Azhagu
Nee Kooda Vanthu Konjom Pazhagu
Un Kanne Ennai Karaiyil Yethum Padagu
Unnai Koththa Ninaikkuthu Kazhugu
Un Meni Engum Enna Mezhugu
Nan Kattaraiyum Adakki Alum Madhugu

Beauty is strewn around, come and have a chat with me.
Your eyes are a boat that can take to the shore.
Eagle wants to hook you.
Smear me all through your body.
I am a sluice that can control the forceful river. I am a sluice.

Ondi Veeran Nanadi Unnakketha Alum Thanadi
Un Pattu Pattu Kannam
Thottu Thottu Muththam Veppen Paradi

I am the only knight suitable for you.
I will touch and kiss your silky cheek.
Just wait and see.

Vetrivelum Nanadi, Veli Vesham Poda Matendi
Un Aththai Aththai Peththa Muthurathinatha Minja Yaradi
Podra! Podra!

I am the armor of success. I do not put on a mask.
Who can be better than the gem of the son of your mom-in-law?
Drop the beat!

Hey Mangalyam Thanthunanena Mama Jeevana Hetuna
Mangalyam Thanthunanena Mama Jeevana Hetuna

Chellakutty Rasathi Poga Matten Soodethi
Unnala Nanum Nadaiya Vechene Mathi
Vellaikatti Nee Athi Vedala Ponna Yemathi
Vittu Vittu Pogatha Un Anba Kapathi
Usuril Oonjal Katti Ada Vitten Sollama Nethi

Your dearest princess won’t leave you high and dry.
I changed my path just for you.
Hey, you, sweet candy, don’t fool this innocent girl,
And lave to safeguard your love.
I tied you to my soul without fussing, my dear.

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