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Neruppu Da Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Kabali

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 Neruppu Da Lyrics in English with Translation : Neruppu Da Song from Kabali is sung by Arunraja Kamaraj and composed by Santhosh Narayanan, starring Rajinikanth.

Neruppu Da Lyrics in English | With Translation |  – Kabali


Song: Neruppu Da
Movie: Kabali (2016)
Lyricist(s): Arunraja Kamaraj
Starring: Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte
Music Label : Think Music

Neruppu Da Lyrics in English | With Translation |  – Kabali

Neruppu Da!!
Nerungu Da!!

(This is Fire) yo!!
(Try to come) Close yo!!
Will you dare??

Fear huh?

Neruppu Da, Nerungu Da Papom,
Nerunguna Posukura Kootam,
Adikira, Azhikira Yennam,
Mudiyuma, Nadakuma, Innum.

Fire yo!! Let me see if you dare to come close.
A Gang, that will burn you down if you come close.
To beat you up, To destroy you, is our train of thought,
Can you (win us)?, Will it happen?, now.

Adakkuna, Adangura Aaala Nee?
Izhuthadhum Piriyira Noola Nee.
Thadai Ellam Madhikira Aala Nee?,
Vidiyalai Virumbidum Kabali.

If enslaved, Are you the one who will bend down?
If pulled, you disappear like a loose thread.
Are you the one who respects trouble?.
You are Kabali – the one who wishes for the rise of freedom.

Magizhchi. Splendid.

Karunayai Maru, Kavalaigalai Aru,
Idhayathil Oru Irukkam Varu Poru,
Yaavum Ingu Mayam, Mayam,
Un Veeram Endrum Siri Paayum,
Nam Thesam Engum Rosham Erum,
Oru Varthai Kooda Pudhu Maatram Kaanum.

Forget Mercy, Cut through sorrow.
Your heart will become cold, Stay Strong.
Everything here is just an Illusion.
Your bravado will always soar and leap.
Our Country will see a movement of self pride arising,
Even a single word will create a revolution for change.

Naa Vandhutennu Sollu, Thirumbi Vandhutennu,
25 Varushathuku Munala Kabali Epdi Ponaro, Apdiye Thirumbi Vandhutaaanu Sollu.

Tell them I have arrived – that I have come again.
I have arrived as the same ‘Kabali’ who left 25 years ago.
This is Kabali, Yo.

Viduthalai Adai, Vidai Enna Ninai
Bayathaiyae Murai, Pagal Kanavai Udai
Veeram Thiyaagam Mothum Mothum
Un Tholil Kaayam Aarum Aarum
Ini Krotham Dhroham Maayum Maayum
Varungaalam Iniyum Ithikaasamaahum

Attain Freedom, Think of it as the answer.
Stare at Fear, and Kill your day dreams.
Bravery and Sacrifice will join hands together,
The wounds that you carry on your shoulder, will begin to heal.
Egoism and Treason will die now,
The future ahead will be etched into history.

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