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Nee Chitram Choosi Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Love Story

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 Nee Chitram Choosi Lyrics in English With Translation from Love Story is Latest Telugu song sung by Anurag Kulkarni and this brand new song is featuring Naga Chaitanya, Sai Pallavi. Nee Chitram Choosi song lyrics are penned down by Mittapalli Surender while music is given by Pawan Ch and video is directed by Sekhar Kammula.

Nee Chitram Choosi Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Love Story


Song: Nee Chitram Choosi
Movie: Love Story (Telugu)
Lyrics: Mittapalli Surender
Music: Pawan Ch
Starring: Naga Chaitanya, Sai Pallavi
Label: Aditya Music

Nee Chitram Choosi Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Love Story

Nee Chithram Chusi Na Chittham Chedhiri
Ne Chittharuvaithirayo,

Mean: looking at ur image , my image scattered and I was distributed.

*Inchu Inchulona Ponchi Unna Eedu
Ninne Enchukundhirayo

Mean : every inch of my period of life has choosen u.

*Na Inti Mundhu Roju Vese Mugguni
Gunde Meedhane Vesukundunu
Nurellu A Chotu Nake Ivurayo

Mean : give me a place in ur heart forever

*Ee Dhariloni Gandhagolale Mangala Vayidhyaluga
Chuttu Vinipisthunna Ee Allarulevo
Mana Pelli Manthraluga

Mean: noises and disturbances in the street we are walking now are heard as mantras and music that is performed during marriage rituals.

*Atu Vaipu Neevu Nee Vaipu Nenu
Veseti Adugule Yedu Adugulani
Yedu Janamalaki Yekamaipodhama

Mean: ( in Hindu marriages, groom and bride will walk 7 steps together ( during ritual) expecting they would be together in the next 7 upcoming births) as we are walking side by side, I feel like 7 steps ritual is being performed, and we can be together for 7 births

*Entha Chithram Prema
Vintha Veelunama Rasindhi Manaku Prema
Ninnu Nalo Dhachi
Nannu Neelo Vidichi Vellipommantondhi Prema

Mean : love is very surprising,it wrote a strange testament for us and hid u inside me by leaving me inside u

*Ee Kalam Kanna Oka Kshanam Mundhe
Ne Gelichi Vasthanani
Neeli Meghalanni Pallakiga Malichi
Ninu Uregisthanani

Mean : I will win before the period of time and take u in palanquin ( pallaki) made up of clouds in our marriage parade

*Akashamantha Mana Premalona
Ye Cheekataina Kshana Kalamantu
Nee Nudhuta Thilakamai Nilichi Povalani

Mean: in our endless love,let dark moments be as short lived and small as ur bindi on ur forehead.

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