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3:59 Am Lyrics in English | With Translation | - Divine 

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 3:59 Am Lyrics in english with translation by Divine is latest Hindi song with music given by Stunnah Beatz. 3:59 Am song lyrics are written by Divine himself. Get its lyrics and full audio song here.

3:59 Am Lyrics in English | With Translation | - Divine


Lyrics by: Divine
Singer: Divine
Composer: Stunnah Beatz

3:59 Am Lyrics in English | With Translation | - Divine


Jwala Jwala Jwala Chhote Laya Main Game Mein
Dollar Dollar Dollar Chhote Laya Main Game Mein

Fire-Fire Fire, Is What I've Brought To The Game
Dollar Dollar Dollar Son Is What I Got To The Game

Bada Naam Naam Banaya Main Game Mein
Liya Nahi Chayan Tab Toh Heera Yeh Chain Mein

Made A Big Name In This Game
Never Got Any Rest, That's Why This Diamond Rests In My Chain

Likhta Tha Gully Mein, Ab Main Likhta Hoon Plane Mein
Asal Zindagi Hai Meri Chhote No Entertainment

Wrote In The Street, Now I'm Writing In These Planes
This My Real Life, Son, Ain't No Entertainment

Itihaas Likh Diya, Tujhe Classics Diya
5x Plat (Platinum), Gully Waale Ne Diya

Wrote My Name In History By Giving You Classics
The Gully Boy Went And Gave Yall 5x Platinum

Peeche Se Aake Phir Saamne Se Diya
Sachin Ka Bat Bambai Ka Maine Naam Rakh Diya

Came From The Back Then Gave It To Your Face
Like Sachin's Bat, Gave Bombay Its Name

Jab Studio Mein Locked Tab Sab Khol Diya
Agar 2 Maine Liye Toh 10 Maine Diya

When I Was Locked In The Studio, Opened Up Everything
If I Took 2 From Him, Gave 10 Back Like It Ain't A Thing

Usne 10 Mujhse Lekar Dhass Mujhe Diya
Roll Karke Pehle Sabko Kash Maine Diya

He Took 10 From Me Then Bit Me Like A Snake
Rolled Up Some Kush For Them, Smoked It All Away

Badalon Ke Upar Maine Game Rakh Diya
Quality Gaano Se Make It Rain Kar Diya

Up On Cloud No. 9 Is Where I Put The Game
Quality Tracks Are What I Used To Make It Rain

Bas Bas Ho Gaya Abhi Sirf Parivaar Mera
Pehle Shani Tha Ab Har Din Shanivaar Mera

Don't Care About Anything Else Just The Fam Now
Was In Retrograde, But It's A Holiday Everyday Now

Dentist Se Zyaada Game Mujhe Daant De Raha
Vaccine Yeh Bars Aur Main Sabko Shot Dera

Got More Teeth In The Game Than A Dentist Got
These Bars Are Vaccines, I'm Giving Everyone Shots

Mujhe Game Saath Dera Jaise Liya Maine Saat Phera
Sirf Main Jaanta Hu Punya Paap Mera

The Game Stays With Me Like We're Married Or Some
Only I Know The Good And Bad That I've Done

Dimag Ko Rakhte Doosra Aur Khwaab Pehla
Qalam Se Bar Fest Pentecost Mera

We Keep Our Thoughts Second, First Is Our Dreams
My Pen Makes A Bar Fest, This Is Pentecost To Me

Agar Maloom Tu Jeeta Chal Haath Upar Kar
Dil Se Salaam Mere Saath They Agar

If You Know You've Won, Put Your Hand Up And See
A Salute From The Heart If You've Been Standing With Me

Gehra Paani Bolke Mere Saath They Magar
Bhagwaan Mujhe Bola Divine Paani Pe Chal

The Water Was Deep, And The Crocs Were With Me
God Told Me, Divine, You See That Water, Walk On It

Yeezus Wale Mode Mein, Nas Wale Mode Mein
Khoon Se Behtar Koi Nahi Shaks Wale Mode Mein

In That Yeezus Mode, In That Nas Mode
In That No-one's-better-than-your-blood Mode

Gandagi Hai Tu Aur Mein Flush Wale Mode Mein
Seekha Sab Road Pe Aur Mein 100-100 Tha Board Mein

You're Nothing But Crap, I'm In Flush Mode
Learned Everything On The Road, I Was So-so In The Boards

Sab Kuch Zor Mein, Divine Apne Zone Mein
Gully Gully Gang, Aur Ghar Mera Bombay

Everything With Force, Divine Is In His Zone
Gully Gully Gang, And Bombay's My Home

Bache Bache Karte Rap Har Kone Mein
Sapne Hote Sach Tab Maza Aata Sone Mein

Now Every Kid's Rapping On The Corner Of Every Street
When Every Dream Comes True, That's When It's Fun To Sleep

Classic Har Baar, Har Shabad Mere Sholay Mein
Chhaati Inki Nahi Hai Isliye Bar Bar Yeh Bolenge

Every Time It's A Classic, Every Word Is An Ember
They Don't Get No Chest, So They Keep Saying It, Don't Remember

Hum Kholenge Jaise Kho Kho Ka Game
Tu Bahar Dikhta Accha Sirf Promo Ka Game

We Gonna Open It Like It's All A Game
You Look Good On The Outside, All Thanks To Your Promo Game

Rakhta Chaar Mere Saath Jaise 2-2 Ka Game
Tu Aur Tere Homie Chhote Tum Dono Ka Game

I Keep Four With Me Like It's A 2-2 Game
You And Your Homies, Son, It's Both Your Game

Chhutta Paisa Rakh Ke Dekh Laya Na Change
Rakh Tera Fame, Main Banda Nahi Same

Went From Having Coins To Really Bringing The Change
Keep Your Fame, You And I Ain't The Same

Kaptani Innings Yeh Hai Kohli Wala Shot
Ghar Ke Bahar Tere Paunche Yeh Rangoli Wala Shot

This A Captain's Innings, It's That Kohli Type Shot
This That Come Right Outside Your House, Rangoli Type Shot

Konkani Karnatak, Koli Waala Shot
Khade Hokar Jala Diye Modi Wala Shot

Konkani, Dangerous, Kohli Type Shot
Stand Up, Burn It All, Modi Type Shot

16 Se Hai Khauf Aur Mai 16 Se Hoon Hot
Khatarnaak Coats Jaise Tailor Mera Baap

Since 16 I've Been A Killer, Since 16 I've Been Hot
The Most Dangerous Coats, Like The Tailor's My Pops

Edit Karke Tune Image Mera Meme Banadiya
Mehnat Karke Tere Bhai Ne Poora Dream Bana Diya

Edited My Image And Made A Meme Out Of It
Your Man Put In The Work, Fulfilled His Dreams Out Of It

Picture Ya Sadkon Pe Scene Bana Diya
Khudka Time Laya Maine Sabse Bada Gaana Diya

Movies And The Streets, I Made Them The Scene
Took My Own Time, Dropped The Biggest Track Ever Seen

Shikshak Se Pehle Thugs Dekha
Tiffin Box Se Pehle Maine Drugs Dekha

I Saw Teachers After Thugs
I Saw Tiffin Boxes After Drugs

29 Saal Ka Main Par Lagta Maine Sab Dekha
Rishton Mein Pyaar Se Zyada Shak Dekha

I'm Only 29 But It Seems Like I've Seen It All
In Relationships, I've Seen Less Love, More Distrust

Shauharat Ke Liye Zyada Mehnat Thora Luck Dekha
Circle Rakta Tight Aur Main Circle Jitna F*** Deta

These Riches, There Was More Hard Work, Little Luck
Tightest Of Circles And A Circle's The Amount I Give A F**k

Nasha Apan Karte Isliye Nashe Mein Na Rakh Deta
Na Na Zindagi Tamasha Hai,views Toh 69 Ko Bhi Aata Hai

Yeah We Get High, That's Why I Don't
No, No, Life's A Circus, Even 6-9 Gets Views

Apna Missionary Shot Sab Kuch Samne Se Jata Hai
Bank Mera Ghar Ka Khudka Mera Khaata Hai

Position Missionary When I Get In Front Of You
Like The Bank Is My Home, Got Those Stacks That I Own

License Pe Hai Album Kyunki Maths Mujhe Aata Hai
Dollar Jab Involved Tab Cents Samajh Aata Hai

My Album's On That License Cuz It's Maths That I Know
When The Dollar's Involved, I Make Cents/sense Of It Better

Jab Bills Aur Passion Dono Saath Me Nahi Jaata Hai
Jo Passion Na De Paise Woh Passion Nahi Sikhata Hai?

It's Crazy When Pay And Your Passion Does Not Go Together
If Your Passion Don't Pay, Your Passion Don't Get Any Better

Independent Main Nahi Sirf Entertainment Mein
Independent Mein Hu Har Street Ke Pavement Pe

You're Independent Only In Your Entertainment
I Be Independent On Every Street's Pavement

Inke Baap Ke Payment Se Aaya Lame Men Ke Saath
Nazrein To Milana Kabhi Real Men Ke Saath

Thanks To Your Daddy's Payment, You've Come With Your Lame Men
See Eye To Eye Sometime With The Real Men

Main Karte Rahoonga Grind Jab Tak 6 Men De Haath
Sab Kuch Apan Risk Karte

I'll Keep Grinding With The Help Of These 6 Men
And Still, We Keep Risking It

Tootata Tara Dikhe, Toh Abhi Bhi Hum Wish Karte
Gyaan Liya Naani Se Haan, Abhi Bhi Ham Miss Karte

When There's A Shooting Star, We Still Wish On It
Took Wisdom From Granny, Yeah I'm Still Missing Her

Aasman Ko Dekh Kar Abhi Hum Kiss Karte (Haan)
Qalam Mera Hindu Muslim Ko Milata Hai

Look At The Sky, And Still, I Be Kissing It (Yeah)
My Pen Unites Both Hindus And Muslims

Hai Hindi Mein Verse Mera Punjab Ko Hilaata Hai
Par Se Leke Sar Tak, Sar Se Leke Pair Tak

My Verse Is In Hindi, But It Shakes Even Punjab Up
From My Wings To My Head, From My Head To My Feet

Sab Kuch Proper Hai
Album Mode Mein

Everything Is Proper
I'm In Album Mode

Stunnah Mere Saath
Bambai Shahar 2020
Nani Yaad Aa Jayegi

Stunnah Is With Me
Bombay City, 2020
You'll Remember Your Granny

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