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Invictux 3 Lyrics In English Translation - Almighty

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Invictux 3 Lyrics In English Translation - Almighty

Invictux 3 Lyrics In English Translation - Almighty

[Intro: Resident, Master Yek & Almighty]

I’m a little intro—
The next one who fucks listening to that garbage is going to get it very hard
Almighty, The Game Changer
This is not supposed to happen, but you asked for it, you were the one who threw me, servant
And I only put on a skate, hold on
What do you think happens if I wear the other one?
What am I going to tell you a couple of truths?
The liar is killed with the truth, that is his fear


The madman got loose, here in Capestrano I have a room for you (Yeah)
That you are also lacking in mental health (Lack)
Alone, I only smoke, no, to the ‘pepa’, but I’m going to give you the heart attack (Here!)
Pa’ when you listen’, it’s ringing in all the cars’ high, ah
Visitor, he wears it more real than you on visit’
But you don’t live here, change the “resident” (Change it)
You have to make a bridge from PR to your house
Pa’ when the pe’o explodes come’ to alter the people
Machetero ‘and cardboard, what speaks’ of marriage’ and fails’?
If Denise Quiñones got tired of your medal stink (No, bro)
I have information that you love to smell a line
Pick up the cell phone and start talking shit to the screen (talker)
You threw Balvin fast, and what about me? (What happened?)
Coscu swept you away, there is a lot of ‘witness’ (-you ‘)
That I challenge you publicly, but I never get you
Baby, the town spits on you, and I’m not the one to say it
To your’ corduroy’, they are strange, with macho’ they kiss (Ay!)
They skate in reverse, blame ‘and your beer (Hahaha)
Your theme of depression made me sad (‘Toy cerra’o)
Because so many good things and you are in that
Come to show you, lazy to rhyme
Calle 13, it doesn’t hit since I was thirteen (Hahaha)
You were an offense to the composer
Elemental, a guy without a movie, without the director
But the actor pays the indigenous people what he owes (Pay, pay)
That you used it for video, you don’t dare to do that
You owe them, you’re Santa with the snow (Oh, no)
And you smell it completely if you drink from Friday to Thursday
I don’t care about the GRAMMYs, I’m the freak (Ouch!)
That I am the hardest rapper, they say and without cost
Remember’ the themes’ of yours’ from when you represented’
That none compares, my corduroy, not even with “Slave”
Defend the musicians’, politician’, total
What happened to all my mental health people? (Tell him’)
You taught your son that if the man can change
And being a woman, piglet, who gave you license to breed? (What?)
Wherever I stand everyone calls me “the best”
He has ‘money and doesn’t know how to dress you, from bad to worse (Nothing)
Shine it with the Morol, I’m afraid of Dio
That’s why I didn’t sweep you before’, who is’ Resi? a talker
They saw you in Santurce say that buying conscience
I’m going to pay you for the hair implant, change your appearance (or worse)
I don’t know if what you do’ ‘you’re doing it conscientiously
An example for the youth?, nah, with your deficiency?
You burned a Maserati, I already exploded three ‘Mercede’
And it wasn’t false humility’, I’m not you’
I have more than a hundred songs recorded, they go to the networks
You can’ throw me, but you don’t dare’, -te, -te, -te
If you were real, you would have stayed in White Lion
So don’t advertise them, you’re not worthy
He wants me to erase the Santa Cruz, the symbol bothers you, along with all the punchlines like Kimbo (what was it?)
I rebuild my career with just one song
I saved, for your career you have to call FEMA
The theme of your depression is a matter of Christ
‘You’re empty, I’ve seen it
He throws me ‘, I leave you in seen, bro


Almighty, it’s the game changer
Ok, half a well nothing more in fact ‘fast’
What are you going to do? You have to answer
I swept ‘, second I swept ‘for you
LUMA is not complying because I have the LUMA current
I turn them on and off, hahahaha
Tell me, Nike
The Industry of the ‘Immortal’, partner
La Funda Entertainment, oh!
Hey, daddy, it’s so bad that you gave it to Canserbero after he died
While the kid was alive, you didn’t worry about recording with him, promoting him, I don’t know.
Since you are such a fan of him as I am
I’m not going to tell you anything else, brother
Hey, after this you dropped your beer, right?

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