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DICE Lyrics In English Translation - NMIXX

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DICE Lyrics In English Translation - NMIXX

Flashed and blinked

Merrin Pingping Pingping fucks

Unthinkable Drama

Time to take the first Scene

(Go go)

Challenge to start soon now

Maybe it won’t be easy.

Nervous Taut Babe

(Vamos, amigos)

Y-e-a-h (I wanna go)

Infinite Universe

Love-This (I Wanna know)

Flip the attracted Card

Nope come on pick it

Choose from 1 to N.

Oh-oh, I’m looking forward to it.

Now open it up

(What a surprise!)

Surfing over that sky

Flying in this Ocean

Are you ready?

Start All-in now.

Start it boldly

Let’s roll the DICE ya

Flip the Pando completely

Throw Nice shot

Fate Hands This Babe in

Of the open world before your eyes (Yeah)

Look forward to us.

So tell me what you want

Where you wanna go

NMIXX, change up (Let’s go)

Big wave, don’t avoid big wave

Break it up, break it up, come on.

Swim up the higher waves

Dribble trouble more flexibly and pass it

number higher than Perfect 10

Jump up towards more than that

The real Dream is out now.

Wake up, wake up, fly above sleep, Fly high

Unknown Camino that no one went to

So exciting, I’m so excited

Looking forward to the reversal of this reversal Babe

Would you go with me?

Let’s roll the DICE

Diving in the clouds

Riding above these Waves

No more waiting

Walk All-in now.

No need to worry about Go get it

Put’em up

We go up, we NMIXX

Don’t fall asleep no more

You should come on board

No time in a hurry Babe

Let’s roll the DICE, ya

Score together

Nice shot

Number that can’t be caught up

A world beyond imagination

Would you go with me?

Let’s roll the DICE

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