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Gabru Lyrics in English | With Translation | – GUR SIDHU

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 Gabru Lyrics in english with translation is a freshly released Punjabi number by Gur Sidhu. Gur Sidhu came-up with the music for Gabru. The poet Harman Binner scripted the well-received lyrics of the Punjabi song. Japjeet Dhillon directed the music video of ‘Gabru‘, released on April 2, 2021.

Gabru Lyrics in English | With Translation | – GUR SIDHU


Song Title:Gabru
Vocalist(s):Gur Sidhu
Lyricist(s):Harman Binner
Composer(s):Gur Sidhu
Release Date:02/04/21

Gabru Lyrics in English | With Translation | – GUR SIDHU

Gur SidhuMusic
Ho kanak bani je rang da munda,
Dil to pura kora ni,
Nefe nal jo bhanea jatt de,
14 Lakh da ghoda ni,

Wheat-like boy,
Is very clear from the heart,
The tied on the waist of the jatta,
There is a 14 lakh gun.

Gadi rakhi kali baliye,
Wheel Cromea ali baliye,
Nukre teene hal diye,
Ik Steferd shar da joda ni,

I have Black car, girl,
Whose wheels are of croma (brand),
In one corner of the house,
Stafford is a pair of dogs of the breed.

Munda vekhan ali cheez kude,
Daimond da e peice kude,
Fauji jeha atyre jatt da,
Galan kare sweet kude,

The boy is the thing to see, the girl,
Is a piece of diamond
Junk is dressed in funky style,
And sweet talks sweet, girl.

Ni Gabru O Born tu Fly baliye,
Ni Gabru Ne Repo rakhi High baliye,
Ni Gabru Ni Natureo Spy baliye,
Ni Gabru NI Gabru Ni Gabru

Gabru (young boy) is born to touch the sky,
Gabru has held his honor high,
This Gabru seems like a detective by nature.

Ho Shailby varge munde utte,
Nara laundia bet kude,
Mind de wich determination,
AIM Goal ae set kude,

On a boy like Shailby (God's Gift)
The girls place a bet,
But in my mind, my hard-hearted determination, goal of life and Goal is set

Kade Itlay te kade russ kude,
Lifestyle ae loose kude,
Yar vair te cara nu,
Marzi na karda choose kude,

Sometimes I go to Italy and sometimes Russia, girl,
Lifestyle is expensive,
Friends of enemies and cars
I choose, girl, of my own choice

Ho Ni Gabru Galan to na mean baliye,
Ni Gabru O Nara da dream baliye,
Ni Gabru shakeeni picho weak baliye,
Ni Gabru Ni Gabru,

Gabru (young man) is not a meaner of things,
Gabru is the dream of girls,
Gabru is already fond of high quality.

Ho chade saroor ni duni age da,
Te pagg sikdi ae chal bilo,
Harman Harman Harman ni,
Mode te rakhda kal bilo,

Teenager (youth) surges along,
Poisonous trick,
Harman (lyricist), who is
He carries a gun (gun) on his shoulder.

Ho Just gaya Sangroor kude,
Khoon de vich garoor kude,
Jalesy hate te ego baliye,
Teeno cheeja door kude,

My district is sangroor, girl,
There is gurur in the blood
Jealousy, hate and pride
I stay away from these three things, girl.

Ni gabru nu shuak bilo mehnge phone da,
Ni gabru ni thoda thoda of tone da,
Ni gabru ni picho malwe de zone da ni,
Ni gabru ni gabru

Gabru (young boy) is fond of having expensive phones,
Gabru speaks in a slightly thicker (heavier) tone,
Gabru is the land of Malve (a region of Punjab),

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