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Sooseki Lyrics In English Translation - Pushpa 2

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 Sooseki Lyrics Translation In English, the latest Telugu song from the film “Pushpa 2,” is sung by Shreya Ghoshal and features Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna. The music is composed by Rockstar DSP (Devi Sri Prasad), with lyrics by Chandra Bose. This second single from “Pushpa 2” is released on the T-Series YouTube Channel.


Song: Sooseki
Album: Pushpa 2 (Film)
Singer(s): Shreya Ghoshal
Musician(s): Devi Sri Prasad
Lyricist(s): Chandrabose
Cast: Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna
Label(©): T-Series

Sooseki Lyrics In English Translation - Pushpa 2

Veedu Moratodu Ani
People claim my beloved is cruel, a bully.

Vaallu Veellu Enneanni Anna
They whisper and gossip, their voices merging.

Pasipillavadu Naa Vaadu
Regardless of what others may say, to me, my beloved is like a child, my precious child.

Veedu Mondodu Ani Ooru Vaada Anukunnaa Gani
The villagers may mock my beloved's rustic mannerisms.

Maharaju Naaku Naa Vaadu
But to me, he's my king, the fire of my life.

O Maata Pelusaina, Manasulo Venna
Though his speech may be rough, his heart shines like pure gold.

Rayila Unna Vaadilona
Like butter hidden beneath a stone, so cold.

Devudevariki Thelusuna Naa Kanna?
Who else but me can truly grasp the soulful value of my beloved?

Sooseki Aggirava Madire Untade Naa Saami
When I gaze upon my beloved, he resembles a flickering spark of fire.

Mettani Patti Puvulaa Mari Santode Naa Saami
He fills me with joy like a delicate cotton blossom, the serene bloom of my heart.

Errabadda Kallalona Kopame Meeku Thelusu
People only perceive anger in the red eyes of my beloved.

Kallalona Dachukunna Chemma Naake Thelusu
The tears you hide within them, only I can see.

Korameesam Ruvvutunna Roshame Meeku Thelusu
People see the anger that makes your mustache tremble.

Meesamenaka Musurukunna Musinavvu Naaku Thelusu
But only I can perceive the concealed smile beneath my beloved's mustache.

Adavilo Pulila Sarasara Sarasara
Like a tiger in the forest, you move with grace.

Cheleragadame Neeku Thelusu
Your exuberance knows no bounds and no space.

Alasina Raatiri Odilo Cheri
In the embrace of the weary night, she finds her solace.

Tala Vaalchadame Srivalliki Thelusu
Shreevalli finds solace in his arms, her sanctuary.

Sooseki Aggirava Madire Untade Naa Saami
My beloved resembles a sky ablaze with embers.

Mettani Patti Puvulaa Mari Santode Naa Saami
He fills me with joy like a delicate cotton blossom, the serene bloom of my heart.

Goppa Goppa Inamulane Ichchivese Navaabu
He keeps giving expensive gifts and maintains his nobility in the same fashion.

Nannu Maatrame Chinni Chinni, Muddu Ladige Gareebu
But they shyly request a simple hug from me.

Pedda Pedda Panulu Itte Chakkabette Magadu
No matter the magnitude of the challenge, my beloved effortlessly solves even the most difficult problems in moments.

Vaadi Chokka Ekkadundo Vetakamantadu Soodu
He asks me to search for his vest, playing a cheeky trick.

Bayatiki Velli Endarendarino Edirincheti Doragaaru
My beloved, a valiant lord, faces countless foes beyond our door.

Nene Tanaki Edurellakunda Bayatiki Vellaru Srivaaru!
But whenever he leaves the house, I apply a tilak (victory dot) on his forehead with my own hands.

Sooseki Aggirava Madire Untade Naa Saami
Like a blazing fire, his presence fills me with awe.

Ittanti Manchi Mogudunte, Ee Pillaina Maharani
With a husband like him, any woman would feel like a flawless queen.

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